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Welcome To The Meta Llama AI

What Is Meta Llama 3 ?

Meta Llama 3 is a Meta project that will replace the ChatGPT project. This artificial intelligence project is still under construction.


Will the Token project have any benefits?
-Yes it will, our team has a lot of previous experience. It develops projects ranging from game projects to VR systems and artificial intelligence. There will be Utilty Artificial intelligence in this project too.
How many Utilities will be in this project?
Artificial Intelligence is currently being developed on the Website, there will be one utility for now. New utilities will be planned according to the community situation
Will Utilty distribute money to investors?
Yes, this is our main priority, the explanation of this will be explained on the V2 Website.
Which network will it be launched over?
ETH Network
So why is this important ?
This brings the MEME and Utility project together for us. This offers a great opportunity regarding Tokens.
What is the contract address?

Phase I

  • -Creating a website
    -Community building
    -Dexscreen is being updated.
    -To reach an agreement with KOLLs.
    -Providing Dexstool Updates and Trends.

Phase II

  • -Organizing Twitter TT event
    -CG application with CMC.
    -Announcing New Partnerships.
    -Introduction of Artificial Intelligence Bot.
    -We are fighting for CEX listings.
    - Establishing a connection with MEXC for Bitmart exchange.

Phase III

  • -To do YouTube advertising activities.
    -To carry out Twitter TT activities
    -Conducting trend studies.
    -Working simultaneously on CMC Trend, Dexstool Trend and Dexscreen trend.
    -Bringing in new Partners.

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